Welcome to the Astronomy course website for Oklahoma Christian University

(s)BIG NEWS!!!

OC Astronomy has been given approval to purchase a new astronomical camera! The SBIG STF-8300m will now grace the telescope and will be a huge improvement. For more info see the sections about the dome.


This web page will show the steps we are taking to collect data that withstands scrutiny. We will:

  • Reduce as many sources of error as possible
  • Follow procedures put forth by successful variable star and BTE observers
  • Use those procedures to capture observations of 'easier' variable star targets
  • Refine our methods and skills 
  • Capture data on three known BTEs 
  • Publish our results in one or more paper submittals to peer reviewed journals
This effort may span multiple semesters, and each class will know they have done their part to move the effort forward. Credits will appear for all work done by students and they are all a part of this project.  We hope this website can provide info to amateurs and other student groups who want to take up this challenge.